The Code Factory
We Innovate Technology

We are a company of crafters
who thrive to embed substantial features in Apps and Games
for our wonderful users to take them on an embarking journey with their array of hybrid devices.

Andriod, iOS, Windows 8 and
Web based Interactive website

We develop Apps using cross platform and
and henceforth ensuring a ‘Tech’ connection between various devices.

We are cross platformers!
We Port Apps & Game like White on Rice

Apart from multi OS Development, we provide lucrative services for our customers where in iOS apps / Games can be ported to Android by using a quarter of extra space on our editor.

We React Natively

We create Unique App experience on multi Mobile OS.
We are at the forefront of mobile applications from native apps to Responsive Web.

Our Startup Partners with Big Ideas

Truly native for superior performance

Reduce development cost and time-to-market for the Android version of your iOS app. Simultaneously develop, quickly iterate, and maintain code parity across iOS & Android.

Titanium Studio
Multi-Platform Development

The hard part isn’t starting. It’s scaling. Mobile apps are fast replacing web applications as the way we buy, share, search, learn and collaborate. For the enterprise, this means a world in which every software project is a mobile project.

  • React Native

Corona SDK
Build 10x Faster

Corona is designed to enable super-fast development. Our elegant APIs make adding complex features easy, our workflow lets you see changes instantly, and you develop in Lua, a fast and easy-to-learn language.It all adds up to unmatched development and iteration speed.

  • React Native

React Native
Learn once, Write everywhere

React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components.

Lucas Fraser - Producer of Puffle Tap (Disney)

The Code Factory truely is a great team of people.
They work to the best of their ability and produce absolutely amazing work.
They have great communication with clients.

Chris Donnovan - Web Developer

Being a web developer, I do have skills in programming.
But when it comes to iOS and Android apps, it sure keeps me awake. After approaching The Code Factory
with my concept about a game and receiving the finished product within the stipulated time, I was

extremely pleased.

Matt Capon - Graphics Designer

I had an idea for a productivity app that i wanted on Google Play and the iOS app store, but i had no knowledge in app development whatsoever. I handed over my idea to The Code Factory and they gave me a quote. It was a very resonable price and the work was finished promptly. I was also able to do the artwork because I am a graphics designer.
I will definitely be working with The Code Factory again in the future.

Our Services
Your Satisfaction

Highly proficient services with a professional yet crafty touch.

Mobile Stategy
Crafting with Love

Answering the most important questions of all: What should we build? How should we build it?

Mobile Design
Hand Developing

Never has software design been more important than in mobile

Native App Development
Faster than Light

Willow Tree offers deep domain expertise in developing and designing native application for iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry platforms.

Mobile App Development
Making a New You

Full-service web services to include Web Applications & Mobile Web Applications, Mobile Optimized versions of existing sites, & Native-wrapped mobile websites.

Mobile Commerce
And Affinity

Your mobile presence is as critical as your website.Typing a unique, custom mobile experience into an existing store's physical and website experience is absolutely critical to success.

Mobile Enterprise
Office Surfing (with chairs!)

Enterprise-class mobility includes an enterprise mobile strategy that makes sense for your business and a mobile application that securely delivers business functionality your users really need on their mobile devices.

Cloud | API Integration
Crafting with Love

The inter-communication between various applications, on various machines, becomes dependent upon middleware. WillowTreee's solution: the Mobile Tango PlatformTM

Security & Compliance
Hand Developing

Our brilliant in-house DevOps team understands mobile from end to end-from the app itself to the IT infrastructure that serves critical business information.

Emerging Platforms
Faster than Light

With the pace of new technologies and innovations, it is imperative for enterprise architects to continuously innovate by identifying opportunities to be inserted across all levels of their organization.

Our Skills
Crafting With Love

We have a group of skilled workforce who tend to keep me amazed and our clients, satistfied.

It is very important for our website followers to keep up with the stats and our work progress.

These are probable. They may be a subject to change.

Mobile & Web


Cross Platform App Development


Porting iOS to Android


User Experience


Take a Look at
Some of Our Work

Wide range of successful Mobile Apps & Interactive Websites .

Game Design
Web Design

I have been extremely impressed with The Code Factory. It is a pleasure working
hihly creative and innovative team.

Jane Awesome - Big Corp

This is now the third time I've worked with The Code Factory and the service they
provide is amazing.
Thank you guys!

Jack Smith - Spaceship Corp

I love The Code Factory. Absolutely amazing results and experience creating my website.
An environment where you interact with
incredible talent!

John Jackson - Galaxy Corp

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support@The Code Factory

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